Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Telegraph Road Cheeses in stock

Finally, we are very proud to announce that we now stock some of the award winning Old Telegraph Road range of cheeses from Jindi. Exclusively available only in specialty gourmet food shops and delis, this range is truly artisan style, made with traditional techniques.

Sapphire Blue

A handsome cheese with a magnificent natural rind that can be aged up to 4 months. The cheese gives a wonderful balance of salt and sweet and a texture of smooth and crunchy.
Its length of flavour is earthy and complex yet sophisticated. - OTR by Jindi

Fire Engine Red - Washed Rind

2011 Grand Champion Winner!

"In honour of the Fire Engines and the Firemen who fought tirelessly to defend the Jindi factory in February 2009. This cheese expresses many of the characteristics of those wonderful people. Its powerful, and courageous, aromatic and at times challenging, but let it work over the palate and the memory will linger on.
The red rind occurs by regular scrubbing with Brevibacterium linens. The affect of the bacteria contributes to the strong and at time over powering aroma of this cheese. One might well ask ‘how can a cheese that smells so bad taste so good? In true French tradition it is recommended for first timers to peel the rind back and scoop the cheese from the middle. Its flavour characteristics will include caramel and cauliflower and cabbage, it has a soft texture and is a truly flavour driven cheese." - OTR by Jindi 

Triple Cream White

A classic Triple Cream with 75% butter fat similar to the real French Triple Creams. Its glorious white rind hides the smooth, creamy paste that slides across the palate leaving silky smooth feelings on the tongue.
A superb cheese with a wonderful balance of salt, a buttery mouth feel yet not sticky. This cheese will charm even the most reluctant participant. OTR - by Jindi

Old Telegraph Road Awards

Royal Brisbane Show 2011
OTR Heritage Blue - Gold & Grand Champion
OTR Brie - Silver
OTR Fire Engine Red - Silver
Brisbane Cheese Awards 2011
OTR Heritage Blue - Gold & Grand Champion
OTR Sapphire Blue - Gold
Grand Dairy Awards 2010 (announced Feb 2011)
OTR Fire Engine Red - Grand Champion