Monday, September 26, 2011

Calasparra Rice from Spain

Calasparra Rice is grown in one region only in Spain, known for it's unique properties when cooked, which are said to be the absolute best for Paella. Did you know we always stock Calasparra Rice at our Erina store? You can also find it on our website for purchase online.... click here

Locheilan cheese is a real treat!

Caesars Coffee and Fine Food are proud to be selling the boutique Australian cheeses from Locheilan Farm. You simply must try the Locheilan Triple Cream, so creamy and full of flavour, and the award wining Kaarimba is made in the French Brie style, oozing with flavour. The Gold Medal winning Tarrilli is a favourite of mine, a semi hard Italian style table cheese. See our Cheese section in store at 222 The Entrance Road Erina.

Da Vinci coffee flavouring syrups

The Da Vinci coffee flavouring syrups are ideal for creating your own flavoured coffees, milkshakes, and summer drinks. Available in store at 222 The Entrance Rd, Erina, or from our online store

Persian Fairy Floss

Madderneine Cake
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Here's just one example of how you can use the delightful Persian Fairy Floss to decorate your signature cakes and desserts.

Available in store at 222 The Entrance Road Erina, or online from