Thursday, January 13, 2011

The most divine goat's cheese!

180/365 ~ Goat cheese ~ 29.06.10
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Did you know we stock the Meredith Dairy marinated goat's cheese? This silky creamy cheese comes in a jar marinated in Extra Virgin Olive oil with herbs and peppercorns.

So delicious! The cheese is really tasty, has a glorious mouthfeel and the remaining oil can be used on salads and vegetables for weeks.

Sprinkle some of this cheese on your pizzas, roasted pumpkin salads, brioche or crostini - you won't be disappointed!

New Fairtrade Chocolate Almond coffee!

Chocolate covered Almonds
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Another new addition to the premium range of Caesars' freshly roasted Coffee, is our Fairtrade Chocolate Almond flavoured coffee.

What a great combination, chocolate and almonds, with the satisfying taste of real fresh coffee!

Fairtrade certified!

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New blends at Caesars!

Coffee Beans
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To celebrate the start of another great year, 2011, we have released a brand new premium blend:

"Cinque Terra New Year Blend"

A superb blend of high quality Arabica beans from five different lands (hence cinque terra).

This medium to high roast is full of flavour, has no bitterness, and a very balanced mix of palate sensations.

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